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Gosainkunda ----- The Sacred Lake

Gosainkunda ----- The Sacred Lake

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An exploration to the Nepal's best -kept secret Langtang's wonders of Gosainkunda Lake, Laurebina pass along with the diverse ethno-culture on the backdrop of Himalayas.

Prior to the arrival some 300 years ago of Tibetan migrants, Langtang Gosaikunda was considered “Hidden Valley,” a place of refuge, and it remains a well-kept secret. The Langtang Gosaikunda lies directly north of Kathmandu on the border with Tibet. Though easily accessible and only a day’s drive from Kathmandu, the Lagtang region remains a relatively less trekked area. Here the mountainscape is spectacular. On either side of valley, mountains rise, soaring into the sky. The walk-in is picturesque, with untouched forests and abundant flora and fauna. Langur monkeys and Ghoral are easily spotted along the stream, while Himalayan Thar dot the cliffs on high.

Passing through the traditional Tamang villages and age-old forests of rhododendron trees with spectacular views behind us, we finally reach the Holy lakes of Gosaikunda where every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims come to visit the lake in the month of August. The Langtang Gosaikunda trek passes over the Laurebina Pass at an altitude of 4625 meters with a view into Tibet that is simply breathtaking.

Gosaikunda is a lake in Nepal in Rasuwa district that is the site of regular Hindu pilgrimage. It is situated at the height of 4,380 metres from sea level, and melts and sips down to form the Trishuli river.

Gosainkunda trek adjoins the famous Langtang trek in the same district.The lake remains frozen for 6 months in winter October to June.There are plenty of hotels along the route to Helambu trek.The best season to visit is June.

It is believed to have originated from the digging of the land by the Trishul (holy 3 pointed sword) of lord Shiva after he drank the poison from samudramanthan and desperately wanted cold water to drink to quench the overwhelming heat of the poison.

Gosainkunda and surroundings

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