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Pyuthan ---- Doorway to heaven

Pyuthan ---- Doorway to heaven


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Pyuthan district, a part of Rapti zone with Pyuthan as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,309 km². This district lies in the western part of Nepal. Swargadwari lies in this district.

Swargadwari, one of the must see destination for Hindu pilgrims. When ever we talk about Swargadwari Temple, we talk about the Guru Maharaj and his disciples of Swargadwari. Swargadwari Guru Maharaj was an incarnation of god. He spend his life mostly in Swargadwari with his disciples. There were also thousands of milking cows in Swargadwari at that time which Guru Maharaj himself use to shepherd during the day. There is an account of some of his followers trying to follow Guru Maharaj to check where he took all those cows and himself. But they never could not find him or his cows. They referred to the team as "just to fast to catch up". So no one ever knew where Guru Maharaj use to go during the day with his cows.

Before he left physical body, he gave some of his divine power to a few of his disciples. On the day Guru Maharaj left his soul by his own wish, a number of people gathered around the Samadhi place. Then he left his own body after bidding goodbye to his disciples and other followers. Swami Guru Maharaj's favourite cow also died at the same instant as The Guru left his body and headed to somewhere else. After he left his body, within few day, all cows began to disappear in a miraculous way. There is an account of people seeing the cows emptying all of their milk at the Samadhi spot by themselves at the same time of the day everyday.

There are also many other miraculous tales about Swargadwari Guru Maharaj and his disciples. Pleople of Pyuthan, in western Nepal and also some people who visited Swargadwari Guru Maharaj are still alive today. They are always excited to share their experience with someone who is interested.

Pyuthan is a bazaar and the administrative center of Pyuthan District of Rapti Zone approximately 175 kilometres west of the capital of Kathmandu. This town is locally known as "Khalanga" due to its history as a military strongpoint.

The town is situated on a mountainside about 400 meters above the intensively cultivated floodplain of the Jimruk Khola (River) about 15 kilometers north of the Mahabharat Lekh (Range) in the Middle Hills. The town is populated by government officials from the Kathmandu Valley and other parts of Nepal, by solders and police of Magar and other "hill tribes" and their mostly Chhetri officers by Newar merchants, by civil servants recruited mostly from local Bahun and Chhetri castes, as well as menial castes who labor as tailors, cobblers, blacksmiths and construction workers.

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