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Gulmi ---- A hidden Treasure

Gulmi ---- A hidden Treasure

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 Gulmi, having an Important role in the history of Nepal situated on the northern boundary of Lumbini zone in the western Development region is a small hilly district. It’s name was derived from the Sanskrit word “Gulma” which means a military Regime or cantonment. It had its soldierly important in the Lichchhabi and Malla periods. There used to a military regiment here. In Lichchhabi period was Gadhigulma on the river Gandaki. There’s a place named Gulmi Charpala which used to be called Gulmi Kot. On the aforementioned bases it was named as Gulmi.

Holy place of the region, Resunga is one of the most beautiful hills to visit in Nepal. Amazingly, elevated at 2347 meter above sea level, Resunga is about 3-4 hours trek from the district headquarters Tamghas. There is also a rough road -for small 4-wheelers- almost up to the top. One can have a spectacular 180 degree view of snowcapped mountains (like Mount Dhaulagiri) to the flats of Terai from the view tower. A religiously popular Yagyashala (fire place), old temples, ponds and a view tower are the attractions of the place. Region’s holy festivals Harisayani Ekadashi (June-end), Saune Aunsi (mid-August) and Haribodhani Ekadashi (mid-October) take place in Resunga annually.

Another holy place Ridi also known as Ruru Kshetra sacredly located at the confluence of the Ridi Khola stream and the river Kali Gandaki. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and India pay homage to lord Rishi Keshav in Ridi during Makar Sakranti festival in mid January every year. Ridi is the locality for the biggest yearly fair in the area. It is claimed that the most famous temple here, the Rishikesh Mandir, was established by Mukunda Sen, King of Palpa. The temple underwent several renovations and its original shape has been changed.

The coffee from Gulmi claims to be one of the best produced in Nepal, every visitors are requested to taste the coffee from Gulmi. This holy District Gulmi has lot to offer than Shrines and Coffee, the panoramic views of while mountainous range are one of the attraction of Gulmi.

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